Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Chiropractor and an Osteopath?

Not much! The key difference is within the philosophy and foundation of how each profession was created. However, both use a variety of techniques to treat the joints, muscles and nerves of the entire body.

Will I be in pain after treatment?

It varies between patients. Discomfort is often experienced after the initial consultation as the painful area is stimulated. This is controlled with the use of ice packs. However, after subsequent visits patients are not usually in pain. Following the advice given regarding ice application and stretches will reduce the chances of experiencing pain after treatment.


How long will I take to recover?

The longer a patient has had a condition, the longer it will take to recover. We will give an estimate at the initial consultation, although it is often easier to give an answer at the second visit. This is so we can assess how the patient has responded to the first treatment. Generally, following the advice regarding ice application and home exercises will help patients to recover more quickly.

What do you mean by “compensating”?

Compensation is the counterbalancing of the body for a change in the system. Frequently the pain the patient is feeling wasn’t caused by the most recent injury, but is a result of an injury months or years beforehand. Often patients do not realise just how long they have been compensating. Therefore Chiropractors will assess your entire body to address any compensations you have made before and after the current injury.

Why do I need ice and exercises?

Ice: This helps to control the pain. Painful areas have a degree of inflammation. This involves increased blood flow to the area, carrying pain mediators with it. Ice slows the blood flow, decreasing the number of pain mediators, thus reducing the pain.

Home exercises: These help stabilise the area and prevent the recurrence of pain.